Our School

Blackford Intermediate School is one of five schools in the Blackford County School District. We educate students in grade levels three through six, which enables us to concentrate our efforts in providing a quality program to help our students bridge the gap between elementary and middle school. We keep our class sizes small, allowing our students to receive individualized attention.

Vision Statement

The Blackford Intermediate School community believes that all students should be challenged to reach excellence academically, physically, and socially within a safe, nurturing environment. Through quality instruction, communication, and technology, students will be encouraged to become self-directed life learners and contributing members of an ever-changing society. Learning gives us power to shape the future.

Title 1 School

Blackford Intermediate School is a Title I school. This means that we receive additional federal funding for programs that ensure all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.

Outstanding Curriculum

We are proud of our carefully designed curriculum—a key contributor to our steady improvement of state standardized test scores. Our well-rounded curriculum includes:

  • Core academics
  • Art and music
  • Physical education
  • Comprehensive literacy program
  • Special Education/Speech

Every student needs to learn keyboarding in order to successfully handle today’s technology. Our goals are:

  • To develop and refine touch keyboarding skills with proper technique
  • To introduce basic documentation
  • To learn basic computer terminology
Literacy Matters

Our specially trained teachers help students develop strong literacy skills by weaving targeted exercises throughout the daily curriculum. Our teachers watch for and notice trends and patterns in order to make informed decisions about the best approach for individual students in their classes. We are convinced that this focus on literacy has contributed to the steady improvement of our students’ standardized test scores.