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Announcement of Vacancy - Superintendent of Blackford County Schools

Blackford County Schools is seeking a superintendent that is passionate about our mission, "Educating students, changing the world." Candidates must fill out an application and provide the necessary documentation by April 14, 2017. We are looking for candidates with the following attributes:

  • Visionary leader with high expectations and successful administrative experience
  • Willing and able to be a visible community leader
  • Strong working knowledge of community relations, program evaluation, finance, school law, collective bargaining, personnel recruitment, selection, and retention
  • Desire to build upon a record of continuous academic improvement and success
  • Sensitivity to the total needs of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds pertaining to students, parents, educators, and support staff
  • Individuals who possess, model, and expect fairness, honesty, and integrity

For more information, please visit our Human Resources page.