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Breakout Escape Rooms

Have you heard about Breakout Escape Rooms? Breakout is a set of real life games where you and your friends follow clues and solve puzzles to escape a room before the clock runs out.

Blackford Junior High School social studies teacher Scott Schick challenged his 8th grade students by giving them a handout with enough information to break five coded locks to simulate an escape room about the United States Constitution. They had 40 minutes and a team of six people. All the groups completed the task with one lone group failing to get the last lock open before the time elapsed. They only had one missing component. What a fun way to learn about the United States Constitution! #ChooseBCS

An interesting sidebar: Mr. Schick was able to incorporate this lesson in class with the assistance of the Blackford County Community Foundation's Women of Worth (W.O.W.) organization, which awarded him enough money to fund four of the breakout kits and programming. As always, we appreciate W.O.W.'s continued support of Blackford County Schools!