Tables for sale at auction

Blackford County Schools is hosting an auction of surplus items from the former Montpelier Elementary School tomorrow, February 22 from 2 to 6 p.m. at 107 E. Monroe St. in Montpelier.

There will be two types of sale items:
Closed Bid Items – These are unique, one of a kind items that will require a bid to purchase. There are wood-working tools, kitchen/cafeteria appliances, weights and other workout equipment, and so much more.
All closed bids will be opened at the end of the auction with winners identified and notified directly. BCS asks that all winning auction items be picked up on Thursday, February 23 from 2 to 6 p.m. or by making other arrangements.
Cash and Carry Items – These items WILL NOT go through the bid process. You can make your purchase and take your items immediately. There are literally hundreds of desks, tables and chairs all priced to go. Tables are priced at $5/each, student desks $1/each, file cabinets $1/each, chairs $1/each. (There are a few metal teacher desks at $5/each.)
Lastly, WE HAVE BOOKS! BCS has reached out to our school and public librarians who have reviewed and taken what they wanted. The books that remain must go! There are a wide variety of textbooks and elementary reading materials available for free! Just come in and take what you can use!

If you know of a service organization or church that might benefit from these auction items, please share this auction notice.

For photos of other items and sale details, please visit our Auction Page here: