Mrs. Reidy's class share their flags of Thailand


“Swasdi (Sawadee) ” from Thailand

Third Grade class at Blackford Intermediate has been learning all about Thailand. They have researched about the geography, culture, food, music, and holidays. For our culminating activity, we compared the United States culture with Thailand's culture. We read lots of books about Thailand; one of their favorite books we read was the Elephants of the Tsunami.

Taste of Thai day was Friday, Feb. 26.  Mrs. Reidy’s brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Pradit, visit the school each year to teach the students about Thailand.  This was their 16th year hosting Taste of Thai.  The students learned about Pradit’s life growing up in Thailand.  They learned about her schools and traditions.  Mark presented a PowerPoint of pictures of Thailand.  Pradit fixed Thai food for the students to taste.  She fixed fried pork, sticky rice, pineapple  and coconut cookies, green tea, and their favorite Thai bananas!! 

Khop Khun Ka! (Thank you) Mark and Pradit

-Mrs. Carma Reidy, 3rd grade teacher at Blackford Intermediate