What's happening around the district? Mr. Yencer reports, "Band room project at BJSHS is moving along nicely. For those wondering, we will not be bringing back the blue carpet on the walls. Lighting, flooring and new instruments cabinets coming soon!" #BCSProud
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Band room under construction
Another view of BJSHS bandroom construction
Ladder, scaffold in BJSHS bandroom
When it comes to the daily health and wellbeing of our students, no one does it with more ❤️ than the healthcare professionals at Blackford County Schools! How about a big round of applause for: Amy Sargent, R.N. - BJSHS/Corporation Nurse Brandy Clamme, C.M.A. - Southside Elementary Kimberly Sizemore, C.M.A. - Montpelier Elementary Jessica Irwin, C.M.A. - Northside Elementary Thank you for all you do! #SchoolNursesDay2020 #BruinPride
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
School Nurse TLC Expert
Congratulations, Jeremy Miller, 2020 Henderson Educator of the Year!
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Jeremy Miller photo
Check out the colorful art projects underway during Blended Learning lessons in Sydney Walter's BJSHS art class. Mrs. Walter challenged her students to complete the Found Object Color Wheel. According to Mrs. Walter, "Students were supposed to find 12 objects from around their homes, each object a different color of the color wheel, and arrange the objects in order." Nice (colorful) work, Bruins! #BruinPride Students submissions include: Patience Campbell Samantha Moistner Persephone Miral Sarah Coons Savanna Morris Aaron Blackwood Lexus Higginbotham Macey Abbott
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Variety of items shaped into a circle by color
Crayons in sha
Household items arranged in circle by color
Household items arranged in a circle by color
What makes Blackford County Schools so special? That's easy! #ItsOurTeachers #TeacherAppreciationWeek #ThankATeacher
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Congratulations, Yvette Rouch! 2020 Henderson Educator of the Year
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Photo of Yvette Rouch
It's Teacher Appreciation Week!
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week
Congratulations, Michelle Lochner! 2020 Henderson Award Winner
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Description about Michelle Lochner as Teacher of the Year
We have the BEST cafeteria staff! Thank you to our amazing Food Service heroes for making breakfast and lunch with ❤️ for our students and staff. We appreciate everything you do! #BCSProud #OurCafeStaffRocks
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
3 lunch ladies in cafeteria
3 Montpelier lunch ladies posing with lunches
Lunch lady and a box of chips
thank you card for making lunches
Thank you to our outstanding Principals in BCS! We appreciate you!!
over 1 year ago, Karen Mealy
Thank you Principals!!
BJSHS band room renovation is underway
over 1 year ago, Chad Yencer
BJSHS band room renovation is underway!
Students in Shelbi Louck's class at BJSHS have some fun making their pets do the homework! #BruinPride
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
guinea pig doing homework
dog with glasses looking at computer
cat with a colorful computer screen
Guinea pig standing on a computer keyboard
We're excited about our new website and mobile app!
over 1 year ago, Blackford County Schools
Check out more smiling seniors with their Class of 2020 yard signs! #BruinPride #Classof2020
over 1 year ago, Beth Jones
Student with Class of 2020 Sign
Student with Class of 2020 Sign
Student with Class of 2020 Sign
Various senior class members with Class of 2020 signs
It's Virtual Kindergarten Round Up time! Parents, if your child will turn 5 by August, please complete the Enrollment Form. For more info contact Craig Campbell ccampbell@blackfordschool.org or Jim Fox, jfox@blackfordschools.org https://forms.gle/9aofD8zg7WzMeZX57
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Two smiling kindergarten boys
We’re excited about our new mobile app!
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Person holding a smartphone
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College Application Clipart