You know summer is right around the corner when it's time for Camp Adventure! Check it out!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Camp Invention Flyer
Our Montpelier 3rd graders want to thank the William E. Ervin family (Diane Ervin Kellahan and Elaine Ervin) and the Blackford Community Foundation for their new dictionaries. According to Montpelier teacher Mrs. Kylee Redford, students have already been putting them to good use. Thank you for your kindness to our BCS students! #BCCF #ChooseBCS
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Group of 3rd graders holding up their new dictionaries
Second group of 3rd grade students displaying their dictionaries
It's Kindergarten Round-up time! If you have or know of an incoming Kindergarten student, please share this important information.
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten Roundup flyer
Mark your calendars! The BJSHS Class of 2021 Graduation ceremony will take place on Sat., May 22 at 7 p.m. at the Football Stadium. Inclement weather on Saturday will postpone graduation until Sunday at 1 p.m. (If poor weather persists, graduation time will be moved to 7 p.m.)
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Graduation cap and diploma
Blackford Spotlight - Mrs. Carma Reidy's 3rd grade class at Blackford Intermediate School: "My class has been reading two texts about the same subject. We read a book called, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and an article titled Ryan’s Well. We compared the two characters and their traits, what similarities/differences of the characters. We then put ourselves in the characters “shoes”. How could we create a windmill using only “junk”? The students' STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activity was to build their own windmill using the materials we had in our classroom. The students did a lot of problem solving to create their windmills. Way to go future engineers!!!" - Mrs. Reidy #ChooseBCS
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Girl works at her windmill
Girl fastens the end tp her windmill
Boy works on the propeller of his windmill
Boy steadies his popsicle windmill on a paper plate
Check out these Lucky Leaping Leprechauns all decked out for St. Patrick's Day from Ms. Sheri Hangber's math class at Blackford Intermediate School! You're looking festive, Bears!
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Group of kids dressed up for St. Patrick's Day
Check out Beth Brown's Bruin spirit! She put together a bulletin board at Northside Elementary to help our Cubs cheer on the Bruins to a Semi-State victory! Great job, Beth! We are #BruinProud!
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Beth Brown stands before her Bruin billboard
Here are a few more photos from St. Patrick's Day fun at MES. What a fun day! #ChooseMES
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Girl dressed up like a St. Pat's fairy
Meg Ellison and 3 girls decked out in St. Pat green
Group of students acting goofy in the hallway
2 girls pose for St. Patrick's Day photos
How do you catch a leprechaun? With a trap, of course! Check out the Kodiak creativity at Montpelier School today as they share their St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Traps! Nice work! #ChooseMES #StPatFun
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Joseph's Leprechaun trap
Leprechaun trap with a car
Hanging gold leprechaun trap
Candy leprechaun trap
Blackford Spotlight: Ms. Julia Duncan's 2nd grade class at Montpelier Elementary - "My students are working on creating Leprechaun traps out of rice crispy treats, lucky charms, marshmallows, and sweet tart ropes. They had a writing activity describing how they created the Leprechaun traps in steps such as First, Next, Then, and Last. They had a blast creating these traps. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!" - Ms. Duncan
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Little girl concentrates on leprechaun lesson
Boy and girl work on a lesson with marshmallows and rice krispies
A girl and two boys work on their leprechaun project
Little girl focuses on her writing assignment
During last night's school board meeting, BJSHS senior Layla Pennington was honored for being the 2021 Lilly Community Scholarship recipient. Layla is the daughter of Jake and Heather Pennington. She told board members that she plans to attend Butler University in the fall to study pharmacology. She is joined in the photo by Troy Kaufman, board vice-president, and Chad Yencer, superintendent. Congratulations, Layla! We are #BruinProud
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Troy Kaufman, Layla Pennington, and Chad Yencer pose for a photo
Northside and Montpelier 2021-2022 in-person Kindergarten Round-Up meetings announced!
about 2 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten Round-up flyer
It's raining in the Kindergarten classroom at MES! Students in Mrs. Jessica Barker's class have been studying weather and different storms. Today, they experimented by making rain in a jar! They added different colors to also create rainbow rain! Nice work, Kodiaks #ChooseMES
2 months ago, Beth Jones
3 kindergarten students make rain in a jar
The rain in a jar lesson
3 kindergarten boys study their rain jar lesson
Kindergarten girl looks at rainbow rain jar
If you are thinking of a job change, be sure to check out the latest openings at Blackford County Schools! Make a difference in the life of a student, join us!
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Cartoon images of adults
WANTED: Future Blackford Bruins If you have or know of an incoming Kindergarten student for the 2021-2022 school year, be sure to complete the attached Kindergarten Round Up form:
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten students working on the number 8
Students in Stacey Gill's Honors Eng. 10 class recently learned about the Google Docs citation tool and the citation format feature in Google Scholar from BCS Tech Coach Karen Bergdoll. According to Bergdoll, the feature helps with accuracy and composition of research papers.
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Karen Bergdoll teaches a high school class about Google
Karen Bergdoll offers tech info. to high school students
Students listen to information about Google tools during class time
Blackford Spotlight: Ms. Heidi Palmer's 6th grade ELA/Social Studies class enjoyed a lesson on Economics presented by Taylor University Student Teacher Taylor Marshall. Students had fun with a group activity and researched their findings on economic trade in ancient times.
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Students work with teacher on computer task
5 students work together in a group on econ lesson
Students work in small groups on econ assignment
Warmer temperatures move Cub lessons outdoors! Students in Mrs. Cristi Aulbach's 2nd grade class at Northside Elementary had some fun while working on their math problems. Spring has spring at BCS! #ChooseNorthside
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Mrs. Aulbach assists a student with an outdoor math problem
Northside students use sidewalk to work on math problems
Mrs. Cristi Aulbach directs outdoor math lessons to her students
Here are a few more readers from Mrs. Jessica Barker's Kindergarten class who joined in the Read Across America celebration that took place last week and even sampled some "green eggs and ham" during the process. Keep up the great reading, Kodiaks! #ReadAcrossAmerica #ChooseMES
2 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten boy looks up at camera
Girl sits on floor and answers questions about the book Green Eggs and Ham
Kindergarten girl eats "green eggs and ham"
Kindergarten boy lays on floor doing his homework
Squad Spirit! Staff at BJSHS show their support for Bruins in sectional action tonight! Let's go, Bruins! #Sectional
2 months ago, Beth Jones
BJSHS Front Office squad
Special Ed staff dress up like M&Ms
Guidance staff dresses like Sesame Street characters