Looking for a career change? Join the BCS team! Check out the latest job openings. To apply, send a letter of intent and resume to the job contact. Join us! https://bit.ly/3AcAAVY #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
We have some budding authors who are proudly sharing the books they made for their grandparents! Nice work to Ms. Jodi Bacon and her Pre-Kindergarten class at Northside! Way to go, Cubs! #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
2 preschool boys and 2 preschool girls with grandparent books
Looking for a fun way to support the BJSHS Bowling Team? Well, look no further... and yes, it is an all-ages event!
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Bowling Tournament flyer
What a special day for our Kinders at MES! A Montpelier community member graciously brought in some butterflies for Mrs. Jessica Barker's and Mrs. Katie Barnes' kindergarten classes to release! #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten students gather to hold a butterfly
Butterfly on a leaf
Kindergarten students sit outside learning about butterflies
Everyone wants to hold the butterfly!
Our Kodiaks have the spirit- Bruin Homecoming spirit, that is! Looking good, Kodiaks! Let's go, Bruins! #Homecoming2021
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Boy and girl dressed in Bruin gear
Girl dressed in spirit gear with pompoms
two little girls dressed in spirit gear
Our 4th grade teachers at the BIS are showing their Bruin Spirit by dressing up like their favorite characters- The Golden Girls! These four lovely ladies include: (l-r) Rebecca Taylor, Carrie Clevenger, Emily Stephens, and (seated) Amanda Green. #Homecoming2021
5 months ago, Beth Jones
4th grade teachers dress up like Golden Girls
Our 1st grade teachers at Northside dressed up for Favorite Character Day for Homecoming Week. They dressed up as characters from Arthur books by Marc Brown. From l-r: Brandi Childress as D.W. , Jennifer Fisher as Arthur, and Julia Duncan as Francine. #Homecoming2021
5 months ago, Beth Jones
3 1st grade teachers dressed as book characters
Principal Jim Fox and Cafeteria Manager Tammy Sisler were on the hunt for a bee in the cafeteria today, but ended up providing some fun lunchtime entertainment for our BIS Bears! #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Jim Fox with a fly swatter and 2 students
Tammy Sisler and Jim Fox with fly swatters
Sisler and Fox fight with fly swatters
Important discussions about internet safety and cyber-bullying have been taking place in Mrs. Jen Gallatin's classes at BIS this week. #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Students working on computers
2 boys and 2 girls working on computers
Computer students working around the room
cyber bullying program
That's next Monday!
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Closed for Labor Day
Students in Ms. Heidi Palmer's 6th grade ELA/Social Studies class at the BIS really enjoyed their recent partner activity focused on the week's standard of words in context. The students were sorting words based on their connotative meanings. Keep up the good work, Bears!
5 months ago, Beth Jones
4 6th grade girls work on assignments on the floor of their classroom
2 6th grade boys work on their assignment
Check out our Montpelier Kodiaks' Homecoming spirit! Today was Dress Like Your Favorite Holiday and the students sure did! Looking good, Kodiaks! A reminder: The BJSHS Homecoming football game is Friday evening at 7 p.m. #Homecoming2021 #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
2 girls dressed like Christmas
3 kids dressed like holidays
Boy dressed up like Christmas elf
Students and teacher dress for Halloween
BCS Parents and Guardians, we need your help.
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Sick kids need to stay home.
BCS seeks a District Accounts Payable Specialist, a Latchkey Assistant, a Certified Medical Assistant and other important positions. Perhaps there is something right for you! Check out our openings. Make a difference in the life of a BCS student! https://bit.ly/3gDJqnX
5 months ago, Beth Jones
We are hiring
For those of you who have been following along, you'll remember that the BHS Class of 1970 recently held their 50th reunion culminating with the opening of a time capsule. During the reunion, the class honored former classmate Jerry Brown with a donation to a BCS scholarship in his name. Presenting the check to the Brown family is (from left) Class of 70 representative Patty Tullis Mitchell, fellow class of '70 alum Beth Thiery Brown, Karen Brown Mealy and Kevin Brown. Thank you, Class of '70. We appreciate your generosity! Once a Bruin, always a Bruin! #BetterAtBlackford
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Patty Mitchell, Beth Brown, Karen Mealy and Kevin Brown
Please spread the word!
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Seeking a Certified Medical Assistant
BCS will operate on a 2 hour delay due to fog, Wednesday August 18th, 2021.
5 months ago, Chad Yencer
Once a Bruin always a Bruin! The Blackford High School Class of 1970 had its big reveal Saturday night during their 50th reunion. The group examined the items recently retrieved from a time capsule buried 50 years earlier as part of the dedication of the school. So, what treasures did the class find tucked away for the past 50 years? Contents of the copper box included a Reflections yearbook, a BruInformer student newspaper, a student handbook, photos, a local newspaper, maps, and soil. Class members plan to share the items from the time capsule with the Blackford County Historical Society. From the photos shared by the class, it appears a good time was had by all at the reunion. Best wishes to all our Blackford Bruins! (A big thank you to Diane Ring and Don Rogers Photography for the provided photos.)
5 months ago, Beth Jones
Diana Ring and Patty Tullis review items from the time capsule
Time capsule placement
Larry Dickey opens the time capsule box
Class of 1970 and time capsule items
BCS seeks an additional Kindergarten teacher. (Please share.)
6 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten teacher job
It's been a great start of the year at BCS! Thank you to our students and parents for your patience with the start of school. It's really been appreciated. Thank you to all the teachers, aides, custodians, food service, bus drivers, maintenance, secretaries, and administration for all your efforts. Also much appreciated! Have a great weekend, Bruins! We'll see everyone back for class on Monday!
6 months ago, Beth Jones
Thank you